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Magento Ecommerce

Take your New or Existing Ecommerce business to the Next Level with Magento Enterprise, Professional, Community or  Magento Go.

magento development | vastplanetWith custom Magento professional ecommerce development we can provide a worldwide solution with the power and flexibility you require from entry-level to enterprise.

No more will your business be constrained by your ecommerce system.
To get a better understanding of Magento, you need to take a step back and consider that Magento was originally an open source platform.

Thousands of hours of web development, updates, community support and online success stories lead to a new Magento operation that exists today. They break it up into 4 divisions:

  • Magento Enterprise - typically for larger merchants who require the latest in ecommeerce functionality and requires a $13,000 license fee/year. A good example of this is NorthFace.com.
  • Magento Professional - perfect for mid sized operations who have proven they can make money online and looking for a more robust ecommerce solution with many of the bells & whistles you see in major ecommerce solutions. With professional they include gift cards, customer rewards and pci compliance and requires a license fee of $3,000/year.
  • Magento Community - perfect for anyone as it’s Free! Yes, anyone can download Magento and create an ecommerce store but that anyone must be technical! An advantage of Magento community is that many applications have been designed to improve the stores.
  • Magento Go – designed for small business with ready to go solutions paid on a monthly basis to Magento.  The concept is that Magento gives you an online store hosted at Magento vs. having your own host provider.
  • Overall - what Magento system you choose it up to you based on experience and ultimately budget. Magento programming is complex and if you need help with your decision or require development let us know.

Already have a a Magento site?
We can help you with php template modifications, redesigns, updates, apps and upgrades.

Looking for a Magento Hosting Solution?
Consider Rackspace managed servers, managed cloud and shared cloud hosting for a premium managed solution or cost effective cloud solution.

Magento Ecommerce Features

  • World’s Fastest Growing eCommerce Platform.
  • 60,000 merchants are already on the open sourced platform.
  • Multiple Solutions are available based on your specific needs.
  • SEO capabilities that create rewrites of your product URL’s that search engines love.
  • Flexible platform – we create custom design templates from scratch to meet your needs.
  • Built in features – customer registration, wishlist, compare, product reviews, cross-sell, up-sell, recently viewed.
  • Low cost of ownership with expansion in mind.
  • Mobile Commerce enabled for the iPhone, iPad
  • Utilized by top brands; North Face, Vizio, Lenovo, Nespresso, 3M and Samsung.


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