Adding a McAfee Secure security seal to your ecommerce store can improve conversions up to 11%. Did you know that most ecommerce sites convert less than 10% of their traffic into customers? That means that 90% of shoppers abandon a site because of product, price, or trust. Think about it!

McAfee Case Study: Builds Trust and Boosts Online Conversions with McAfee SECURE Service
“After the test started, I watched the results and I quickly become a believer. The McAfee SECURE service increased my online conversions by over 2 percent and delivers a great value that more than paid for itself within 6 months.”  Vince King, Director of Web Production,

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Security Seal Example


Why a Security Seal?
As soon as your customers see a security seal, they know that your website has been verified by a reliable 3rd party, and can click on the Seal to instantly verify your credentials without leaving the site. This gives them confidence to complete their purchase. Check out the McAfee Secure Seal Promotion and Try It Free for 30 Days

About McAfee Secure Seal (Hacker Safe previously)

  • Leading security certification service and provider of the HACKER SAFE service.
  • Used by over 80,000 web sites. McAfee is the largest dedicated security company in the world.
  • 65% of the Internet Retailer Top 500 Sites use McAfee Secure Seal (Overstock, PetCo, Costco,
  • Proven to increase sales by 11% by boosting consumer conversions (according to a recent study)
  • Search Bonus – McAfee Secure clients are featured in page 1,2 of & Google results as a bonus!
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Need a SSL Certificate for your Ecommerce Store?
We have partnered with the SSL Store to provide a cost effective solution to purchasing SSL certificates. They are aggressive discounters and why pay more when you can get a deal. Find GeoTrust, VeriSign, Thawte and RapidSSL. The best part is that you can purchase and install in minutes! Explore SSL Certificates and save hundreds!

  • Did you know you need to be certified when you take credit cards online? McAfee offers PCI certification for only $99 – find out more. McAfee PCI Discount

Is a Security Seal the same as a SSL Certificate?
Actually they are 2 different things. The security seal is a verification to the site visitor that you are who you say you are and have been verified by a third party like McAfee. The purpose is to instill trust, prevent fraud and improve conversions. We recommend the use of security seals and take a moment and explore the McAfee Secure Seal

A SSL Security Certificate is true security and is easily identified when you see https:// and a little lock or VeriSign symbol next to the web address. When you are taking credit cards and holding valuable consumer or business information it needs to be secured. The brands vary but the leader is VeriSign. You can read more about SSL security seals at our trusted partner – The SSL Store.

SSL Security Certificate Example
Web sites using Extended Validation (EV) certificates have shown conversion increases of 20% more than any other type of SSL certificates. Check out the EV certificate promotions from VeriSign here – SSL Store

SSL Security Certificate